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Submitted on
September 29, 2004
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Twisted Contradictions

I have been blinded by the sun
So I howl at the moon

And if the escape is through seven plagues
The ending is never too soon

Dissolve in the sunlight
Stare into the darkness of my dreams

Failure seems unlikely now
But all is not what it seems.

We have become strangers again
Hold me this last time as if you mean it

Imagination was never as great as this
Even creativity has its limit

Count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder
Just ignore the glow

This is the end of possibility
And you can’t deny, this is apropos

You smell like a sound
Do you taste as good as you look?

You create an embrace and fall into it
Perhaps you were mistook

Hydras fighting head to head
Why can’t we just be friends?

It’s like drowning in a giant, boiling urinal
Don’t go down too fast; you’ll get the bends.

Now I run through the valley of no return
I have now entered the middle

Since anything is better than nothing
Old ideas can't be excused as mere quiddle

We have dishonored logic
In the passion of contradictions

Truth may be our best defense
Although it defies my predictions

There are footprints on the ceiling
Another broken heart on the floor

The blueprints are still tacked to the wall
You wonder why you never noticed them before

Someone has rearranged the furniture
And I can barely see through the smoke

I’d leave now if the door would unlock
But I can’t remove its cloak

Read your poetry aloud until you collapse
Lost and died, will there be a mourner?

In the night you hear distant singing
Dance for quarters on every street corner

Walk across the road and find your shadow
While dreaming of dark birdsong

Time has no more meaning
I don't believe because it takes too long

Here in the cathedral of truth
The answer is only another question

Just try to explain these poems
Consider it your price of admission
I'm not sure how I'm feeling right now...
Can ya tell?

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Lonely, perhaps…maybe just exhausted my friend

I give me the felling that you been trying for a long time and after all this work, everything is the same…don’t know…. sorry if I miss it.

Have a good day my friend=)
you are welcome=)
cypher-neo Sep 30, 2004  Professional Photographer
There a lot of confliction in there... You've snagged a couple threads.
Thanks for the comment
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